• Charlie Dayton, Mechanic

    Art history grad. Total enigma. 

  • Austin van Dyke, Mechanic

    A Midwestern boy with a heart of gold, Austin is stoked on all things Rockhopper and a tiny dog named Tinny. You can find him wrenching in the shop, teaching our Bike Mechanics 101 classes, and providing friendly front-of-house customer service. Appreciates a good wool sock. 

  • Alex Cobb, Program & Volunteer Coordinator

    Born and raised in Peru (VT), Alex is a carbon-riding Middlebury grad gone rogue as our Program & Volunteer Coordinator. When they're not busy coordinating, they're busy teaching yoga, eating carrots, and enjoying the occasional painting class. True Aquarian. 

  • Dan Maurice, Retail Manager

    Native Vermon'er. Peugeot enthusiast. Can recite the entire Henry St Deli menu from memory down to the sauces. 

  • Kelly Duggan, Marketing & Program Manager

    This Virgo fell in love with bikes when her partner built her up a vintage cruiser. She's been cruisin' ever since and loves marketing all things OSH as well as managing the shop's Transportation Equity Coalition. Ask about her possum tattoo!

  • Tom Schoorlemmer, Programs Associate

    Remembers his first time on a bike more clearly than most other things. Former OSH intern. Likes to play bass and frisbee (still working on doing them simultaneously). Lover of cleaning both dishes and technical climbs

  • Tom Anderson-Monterosso, Friend of the Shop

    After an all-terrain adolescence, Tom drank the Simple Green® at Oberlin Bike Co-op in Ohio before turning wrenches, pedaling, and breaking down cardboard boxes across the USA. Former Inventory Manager, current part-timer. Capt. Wooster's stokerPrincipal investigator for the Everybody Bikes But Tom pilot program.

  • Greg Hostetler, Friend of the Shop

    Long time community shop volunteer. Has more college degrees than bicycles, but is just as proud of his bikes. Dynamo hub aficionado. Believes everyone should have a bike and every bike should have some panniers, but realizes there may be some limitations.
  • Will Warren, Friend of the Shop

    Will spent many a season in the 80’s and 90’s spinning wrenches in Burlington bike shops.  His main gig now is science teaching in Colchester, but he is excited to be with Old Spokes many weekends in the summer.  He’s ridden, raced, broken, and fixed all kinds of bikes since he was a wee lad. He’s been known to chase IMBA Epics and has what he considers the best bike-boat-bike commute in the world from South Hero to points south.

  • Samantha van Gerbig, vintage component specialist

    Lover of fine bicycles. Recent transplant to Burlington from Boston via a lot of bike touring and traveling around the country. Completed the Tour Divide on her LHT. Graphic designer and illustrator with a degree in museum science. 

  • Rob Voland, Mechanic

    Expert mechanic and resident IGH expert. Old Spokes Home veteran. Lover of the rare and vintage. He'll make any bike purr.

  • Laura Jacoby, Executive Director

    Old Spokes Home's first executive director as of October 2016. Most recently worked with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) founded by Syrians and Iraqis to respond to the crises in their countries. Grateful for the opportunity to be part of a local effort to distribute  a valuable resource -- bikes -- in an equitable way as a means of increasing the health of our community, economy, and environment. Also excited to revist Vermont's amazing mountain bike trails.

  • Dan Hock, Service Manager

    Old Spokes Home veteran of over 10 years. Lover of touring around South America, Rainbow Dash, racing 12" bikes, and sporting. Organizer of annual Klunk Party Fun Time America. He is pizza.


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