• Jon Copans

    Name: Jon Copans (he/him)

    Position: Executive Director

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: a shakedown cruise on a bike I've rebuilt in my basement workshop, on the rare occasion when it all functions as expected and the ride is better than I had hoped.

    Away from bikes, I like to: be in or on Vermont's fresh water, paddling, swimming, snorkeling and fishing

    My dream bike is: a Centurion Semi-Pro, or an early Steve Potts mountain bike, or an Alex Singer, or an 80's Specialized Sequoia or......

  • Meag Rinier

    Name: Meag Rinier (they/them)

    Positon: Program and Bike Resource Manager

    I think everyone should watch: less TV.

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: handling fast rocky descent on a rigid mountain bike. 

    Away from bikes, I like to: plunge in icy waters and hang out in the woods. 

  • Samantha van Gerbig

    Name: Samantha (Sammie) van Gerbig (she/her)

    Position: Vintage Part Specialist/eBay Store Manager

    Every bike should have a: bell, ding!

    I think everyone should listen to: goldfinches, chimney swifts, & orioles when they first return to VT in the spring; also: Out Hud'Let Us Never Speak of It Again (2005)

    Away from bikes, I like to: skimo/canoe/snowshoe/camp/read/sleep

  • Dan Maurice

    Name: Dan Maurice (he/him)

    Position: Shop Manager

    My dream bike is: my bike

    Away from bikes, I like to: rip slow heavy riffs

    I think everyone should listen to: Rage Against The Machine


  • Audrey Zizza

    Name: Audrey Zizza (any pronouns)

    Position: Wrench (aka Mechanic)

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: I love the feeling of my T-shirt billowing in the wind with my belly just peeking out. In the words of Frank Ocean: "Shirt in the breeze like I'm sailin'."

    Away from bikes I like to: Rollerblade, it's my favorite form of transportation. And that's sayin something! Because I really do like riding my bike!

    My mantra is: "I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

  • Malia MacLeod

    Name: Malia MacLeod (she/her)

    Position: Bike Matchmaker (aka Retail Associate)

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: traveling at human-scale; smelling fragrant plants; hearing the silence of freshly fallen snow; saying hi to my neighbors. You miss so much when you're stuck in a car.

    I think everyone should watch: Rodando Por Ti... It's just so good.

    I think everyone should listen to: Peripheral Vision by Turnover 


  • Jeff Betzler

    Name: Jeff Betzler

    Position: Mechanic

    I think everyone should listen to: 'My Rainbow Race' by Pete Seeger

    My dream bike is: S-works Tarmac SL7.

    Every bike should have: two chainrings.

  • Nic Chaya

    Name: Nic Chaya (he/him)

    Position: Bicycle Worshipper and Tinkerer and Tourer and Mechanic[-er]

    When I'm away from bicycles I like to: drink fancy teas, eat small oranges, and read fiction, or non-fiction, books.

    My favorite feeling on the bike is: when it's rainy, cold, and I don't know where I am in the mountains or some far away place. A slight danger that tingles, being in a place that is peaceful and harsh simultaneously. Knowing that the rain will stop, it will get warmer, and there will be pastries down the road eventually. 

    I think everyone should listen to: their heart.


  • Ryan McAllister

    Name: Ryan McAllister (he/they)

    Position: Junior Mechanic

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: Riding on that fresh fallen inch of snow around town at night.

    Away from bikes, I like to: Cook, garden, fly planes and travel (and you can get there by bike).

    My dream bike is: The one in your shed.



  • Will Warren

    Name: Will Warren (he/him)

    Position: Regular SuperVolunteer and Occasional Fill-in Tech

    My favorite feeling on a bike is: being on a big ride and questioning the choices that led me there.

    Every bike should have an: interesting rear-facing sticker for those behind to enjoy.

    My motto is: "Make it from scratch!"

  • Kuya

    Name: Kuya

    Title: Shop dog

    I think everyone should: nap on the shop floor in the late afternoon sun.

    Every bike should have a: trailer behind it for a dog to ride in.

    My motto is: bark less — just relax.


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