Used Bikes

Old Spokes Home has been known around Burlington for our unique, effective, functional used bikes for as long as we have had a shop on North Winooski Avenue. Our professional mechanics are passionate about reinvigorating pre-owned bikes, and take great pride in making something new, beautiful, and lovely to ride from reused parts.

Due to the nature of refurbishing bikes, no two used bikes are the same — unlike stock bikes ordered from a catalog, every ‘furb at Old Spokes Home is a one-off. You’ll be the only person with one like it.

All types and sizes of bikes make their way to and through our shop. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, it may not be long before we do.

Pro tips!
• We refurbish nearly all of our summer bike stock over the winter. If you want the best selection possible, come early in the spring. 
• We can refurbish bikes to custom specifications with as much or as little input as you want to have. If you’re interested in going this route, winter or late summer is the best time to start. This can change the advertised price on a bike a little or a lot, but we can work with your budget.

The majority of our used bikes fall into a few categories:

Everyday & Commuting Bikes

Vintage or modern, for running errands, getting to work or to class, or for just cruising around, these bikes will get you there. Ease of maintenance and use, durability, and comfort are primary. 

Mountain Bikes

Just because it isn’t hi-tech doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! Steel, rigid-framed twenty-six-inch-wheeled mountain bikes still make for a lovely ride, whether through the Intervale, around town, on dirt roads or on trails. Our simple mountain bikes provide a high return of fun for your dollar and are easy and affordable to maintain. We sometimes have hardtail, full-suspension, 29"- or 27.5"-wheeled, and fat bikes too!

Pro Tour

An Old Spokes Home original, the ProTour is a thoughtful conversion from hybrid or mountain bike to capable dirt road or touring rig! You might see bikes similar to our ProTours featured in publications like and The Radavist, because bikes like these can take you just about anywhere and often have way more character than their catalogue-spec counterparts. Bars with multiple hand positions, fender and rack mounts, and comfy, multi-surface-capable tires make these bikes ready for your next (or your first!) overnighter or gravel rip.

Road Bikes

Yep, skinny tires are still fun and metal road bikes can still climb mountains. Gravel may have gotten all the glory in the last few years, but flying down Vermont’s paved roads is a good ol’ time in and of itself. Our used aluminum and steel road bikes are ready to zoom.

Kids' Bikes

Many of us start to love bikes at a young age. We refurbish used bikes for each stage of learning, from baby balance bikes to 24" mini-shredders (and even the occasional vintage cruiser). Our selection is always changing, so come by to check 'em out.

When you buy a new or used bicycle from Old Spokes Home, you get:

  • complimentary adjustments for 30 days
  • 10% off in-stock accessories for 30 days after any bike purchase. For starters, think about a lock, lights, and a helmet.
  • the ongoing support of an experienced service staff that wants you to love biking
  • to support Old Spokes Home’s mission: creating access to bikes and the opportunities they provide for our whole community