Kids' Bike Bonanzas

The 2024 Springtime Bike Bonanza is coming up! 
May 4th 2 - 4 PM at the O'Brien Center in Winooski - 32 Mallets Bay Ave   

Click here to download a flyer for the upcoming Bonanza.  If you can't make it to the springtime Bonanza and your family or a family you know needs a bicycle for a child, please come by the shop or email and we will do our best to help out. 

What is a Bike Bonanza?

Simply put, Bike Bonanzas are free bike giveaways. We know all too well that bikes are unaffordable for many Vermont families, but believe that riding a bike is a life skill and source of joy that all kids should be able to access. The younger someone starts riding a bike, the more likely they are to keep riding throughout their life; the more likely they are to use a bicycle to reach their needs and opportunities. Intended for children who would be eligible for our Everybody Bikes program, Old Spokes Home's Bike Bonanzas give bikes to kids who likely would not have one of their own otherwise.

Everyone deserves the joy, empowerment, and health that bicycles provide.

How can I support the Bike Bonanza?

There are many ways to support the Bike Bonanza, including donating a bike or volunteering your time. All of the bikes we distribute at Bike Bonanzas are donated by local community members and business, then refurbished by our committed volunteers.

Got a kids' bike at your house that's no longer in use? Please consider donating it to Old Spokes Home.

Looking to support bicycling in your community? Come to our Tuesday Volunteer Nights and help us reuse and recycle bikes and parts, or even refurbish a bike if you've got the skillz!

I don't have a bike or time but I still want to help — what can I do?

We estimate that, on average, it costs us about $25 to clean, refurbish, double-check, and deliver a used kids' bike to a new owner. A gift of $25 to the Old Spokes Home can effectively buy a local child their next (or first) bike and a ticket to endless joy.

Give the gift of Bikes For Everyone.



The Old Spokes Home Bike Bonanza is held in loving memory of Henry Beaird, a boy who loved bikes and was a young supporter of Old Spokes Home.